Reaching new heights with innovative techniques

Alexander Zgura

Alexander Sterling Zgura - CEO/Owner

Mr. Zgura attended FAU studying Information and Technology Sciences.  While earning his BS degree he had the desire and motivation to venture on his own and try something he is passionate about and showcase his innovative thinking.  He has always had an artistic mind and came across a need for aerial photography and videoing.  

He started Florida Aerial Imaging Services with one goal in mind, to provide his clients with the best video and photography services at a price anyone can afford. He goes into great detail with the client, making all costs open to them so they understand fully what the different services are.  He works with all his clients to make sure their needs have been met, and that they are completely happy with the final product.  

This approach has allowed him to work with many different individuals and companies to provide them with the video for their project that is both affordable and appropriate.  He guides the client through the process to maximize the available resources for the most stunning final product.